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Sickest Witch Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Sure, we might think of the various parts of a dead animal as potential food, but for a witch, that's fresh spell components. In Sickest Witch, players are looking to defeat various creatures together, but it's only the witch that doses out the killing blow that gets the fresh ingredients to create new spells. The semi-cooperative card game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The witches of Black Branch are on the hunt. KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE custom dice.

In Sickest Witch, you and your friends will isolate enemies and take turns attacking until you can harvest a body part. Hands, hearts, livers -- witches imbue them with magic to make themselves more powerful. Although a group of witches attack the same target, it's the witch that strikes the killing blow that gets to harvest a body part and imbue it with powerful magic. The witch with the most body parts (spells) wins.

1-6 players.
15-60 minutes. You control the length of the game during setup.

This is a casual RPG-like game that you can take anywhere. By controlling the number of enemy cards, you can dictate how short or long your game needs to be. The rules are simple. Even if you aren't familiar with RPGs, you will pick it up in minutes.

Replayability is unquestionably high. Though this is a simple game, the tension and fun relies on the nearly limitless variables of the spell cards and dice rolls. No game will ever be the same.

Competitive yet somehow collaborative. All players are attacking the same target and no players die. It's just the best (and sometimes luckiest) Witch that wins. It's a feel good game of endless slaughter.

The campaign's around 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 33 days on the clock.