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Shut down your own Main Reactor

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off a first preview for the Tantiv IV Corellian Corvette ship for the X-Wing Miniatures game.


From the preview:

The original Star Wars trilogy opens with an image of the Tantive IV desperately trying to outrun an Imperial Star Destroyer as both ships race past the desert planet Tatooine. When the Tantive IV is crippled and captured by the larger Star Destroyer, it is boarded by Darth Vader and a score of Imperial Stormtroopers. In the chaotic moments that follow, two Droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, manage to get to an escape pod that transports them safely to the surface of the desert planet below…

Thus begins the space opera that has enchanted millions of viewers and changed millions of lives, and with the upcoming release of the Tantive IV™ Expansion Pack for X-Wing™, you’ll be able to relive the drama of the Rebellion's desperate struggle for survival and blast headlong into all-new adventures of your own devise!

The highlight of the Tantive IV Expansion Pack is its meticulously detailed Corellian CR90 corvette miniature. This X-Wing starship is so huge that everything about it is divided into two sections, fore and aft; the CR90 corvette requires two bases, two damage decks, and two ship cards.