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Shuffle Heroes Launches on Kickstarter

You've heard of Deck-Builder games and Deck Construction games. Shuffle Heroes is a bit of a different animal when it comes to such things. In the game, you draft two heroes and shuffle them together to create your special set of cards for play. Then, during the game, your opponent can destroy cards out of your deck, meaning with each reshuffle, you've got fewer options. But don't worry, you're doing the same thing to your opponent. They call it "Deck Destruction."

In the world of Shuffle Heroes, science has combined with magic to create a different type of Industrial Revolution. And just for fun, some Lovecraftian horrors have been thrown into the mix (because why not?). Gameplay focuses on characters who are either trying to save the world from the dark path that this Revolution has taken them down, or others who just want to see the world burn.

The campaign is about 1/5 funded already and still has 29 days left to go.