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Shortwars Halflings and Goblins Up On Kickstarter

Here at TGN, we like to look out for "the little guy." That's no more evident than with this story. We're talking about Shortwars, a small-scale (no pun intended... ok, maybe just a little intended) skirmish miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter. In it, players pick a hero, then support them with other characters like champions, mages, soldiers, and mercenaries. They then pit their forces against their opponent's and glorious combat ensues.

The main thrust of this campaign is getting miniatures made for the game. There's a large, pre-existing line of figures, many of which have been long-since out of print, that they look to bring back. There's also new figures they're looking to create, as well as solidify the rules and get them published. Since there's a large catalog of minis, there's quite a lot of options for when you make your halfling or goblin force. Many of the figures are also modular, being able to be either a goblin or a halfling, depending on which bits you add on.

The campaign's doing well. They're already roughly 2x funded with still 31 days left to go. So let's see them get through those stretch goals.