Shocking Tales of Madness & Mayhem Issue 1 available soon

st1_dcover.jpgThe first expansion for Strange Aeons will soon be available for sale.

From their announcement:
The first expansion for Strange Aeons is complete. Shocking Tales of Madness & Mayhem, Issue No. 1 brings you brand new eldritch content, including:

• New weapons for both Threshold and Lurker use
• Promotions for experienced Threshold agents, including access to new skills, companions and experimental equipment
• Nine completely new Lurkers, plus those we’ve previously released via our website
• Our first piece of Strange Aeons fiction
• A sheet of counters to help you keep track of game effects, and some of your new Lurker minions

This 32-page full-colour expansion will be priced at $16.95 CAD. In addition, we’ll initially be including a free miniature with the book: the Suicide Cultist.

Barring anything going horribly wrong at the printer’s, we’re aiming to have this available to the public on February 1st.