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Shocking Tales #3 and BrushOff! 2012

Strange Aeons has issue #3 of their Shocking Tales magazine available now for your reading pleasure. Also, they're holding their BrushOff! 2012 painting competition.

From the update:

First off, Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem, Issue No. 3 is now shipping. Remember, there's only one print run, so snag yours today.

Also, it's that time of year again. Break out those brushes, dust off those primed-but-not-painted minis you've been carrying around for months, and re-hydrate that dried up pot of medium brown, because BrushOff! is upon us!

As always, we'll be rewarding the three best painted packs of official Strange Aeons miniatures. Any pack will do, but you must paint the whole pack! And to make things a little more interesting this year, we're adding a second category: Big Kits and Battle Scenes. For this one, you can either paint one of our large kits (Godling, Dark Puppeteer or Crypt of Cthulhu) - OR - one Threshold pack doing battle with any one Lurker pack. You're free to enter into both categories as many times as you wish, but note that you may not submit the same models in both categories.

So, how about prizes? Well, with double the categories, we've obviously had to double the loot, so here's what each category will dole out:

1st Place: $30 UMW Webstore certificate, plus THREE unreleased models!
2nd Place: $20 UMW Webstore certificate, plus TWO unreleased models!
3rd Place: $10 UMW Webstore certificate, plus ONE unreleased model!

Want to get in on this bounty? Well then get painting, and send photos of your entry to, or post them in the Strange Aeons area at Lead Adventure Forum. We'll add your photo to our Gallery, where you'll be able to view your handiwork pitted against your competition. Need some inspiration? Check out the BrushOff! 2010 and 2011 Galleries, where you can still view all the entries from our past competitions.

Let the BrushOff! begin!