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Shock Troops Heavy Weapons details

Wargames Factory have posted some more details about the pricing and contents of their upcoming 28mm sci-fi Shock Troops Heavy Weapons boxed set. From their announcement:
Wargames Factory is pleased to announce the first expansion to their Alien Suns Range - Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons Teams. Sprue and production models preview. Product specs are:
  • Retail $19.95
  • Set contains 3-Heavy Weapons Sprues and Crews (6-figures and weapons) plus 1-Officer Sprue (2-figures).
  • There are a variety of heads and other options plus loads of extra heavy weapons.
  • Figures are 28mm and compatible with many popular sci-fi wargames
  • There are 4-different weapons that can be made from this set including:
    • Heavy Energy Cannon
    • Dual Multi-Bareled Chan Gun
    • Mortar
    • Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
  • Availability - mid to late-September 2011