Shock Troop Heavy Weapons preview

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 31st, 2011

Wargames Factory have posted photos of assembled samples and the sprues for their Shock Trooper Heavy Weapon figures.

Shock Troop Heavy Weapon

From their website:

There has been a lot excitement and interest regarding our soon to be released Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons set. The Heavy Weapons sets are now on their way from manufacturing to our distribution center.

We are pleased to present the first pictures of assembled Shock Troop Heavy Weapons. (Please note that these are tests runs, the quality of the plastic in the production runs is significantly better than what you will see here.)

  • Man, I really like these. Glad WF is moving forward.

  • The legs are too short on all of the poses. That won’t stop me from getting them though.

    • I agree. The mortar team look like gorillas.

  • wachaza

    The kneeling crew look servicable but the standing figures look like stunningly camp fashionistas with the fur trim and robe. Gok Wan joins Starship Troopers.

  • Brant

    Some of the poses just look awkward, though I can’t quite place my finger on why.

  • They look, to me, like an army of Darth Vaders.

    • If you’re going to have an army, you can’t get much more bad ass than an army of Darth Vaders.

    • Snowtroopers from Empire Strikes Back!

  • Sevej

    I think they look great, with the exception of the boxy gun on the top. It seems… strange. Usually, a gun’s component that’s not barrel is ‘attached’ to the barrel instead of the other way around. This one seems like a barrel attached to the side of a CPU.

  • MunkeyKungFu

    I still think they look rather bland. and the gun box looks horrible.

  • angora

    The anatomy is way off on almost all of them. Have a look at the sprue shot where you can see the gunners legs from underneath. They look like a frog on a dissection plate 🙂 The details seem fine but they don’t hang together well as a piece.

  • Acharnement

    Still significant problems. Look at the size of the seated gunner in the top photo compared to the officer standing behind him. Either the gunner is too big or the officer is too small. They don’t look to be the same scale.
    The “box” style for the gun should not be too hard for them to resculpt. (I hope.)
    As mentioned, the dressing gown style for the officers makes them hard to be believable. I am a big fan of the first set so I really hope they can make changes to the figures to bring them up to the same standard.

  • smitty

    These are just bad all around. Looks like they took the old sculpts and tried to make new ones with them.

  • AoM

    New sculptor. Not used to working at this scale.

    The legs might have appeared runty on the original Shock Troopers, but it’s not as bad as this many wildly differing proportions on just one sprue.