Shipping update from Manorhouse Workshop

Manorhouse Workshop lets us know how things are going shipping-wise with their Indiegogo project in this update.

Manorhouse Cabin


From the website:

Hello to all.
An update on the continuing work of the campaign on Indiegogo.
At the moment we are preparing all the kits of houses of brick and stone.
We’re late on the roadmap, but by the end of May and beginning of June we ready to be shipped Watermill, all the houses and the arengario.
in the month of June will be ready kits of walls, towers and manor.
The delay is given by the new system of preparation of the molds that will allow a more rapid production later.
We are confident that the final result will make you forget about our delay.
While also us await to get their hands on the new kits … we continue to work on what we have already in our hands.
Today we present a tutorial on how to paint the house in wood and stone.
Good vision. Lorenzo