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Shipping Now: Germany Strikes!: Early War in Europe – Bolt Action Theatre Book

The Second World War so much technological and tactical advances that it is broken up into early, mid, and late-war eras for both historical study and (more importantly to the theme of this website) for gaming. Granted, it's not the only war that's broken up like that, but it's the one that I've seen the distinctions made the most in terms of miniatures gaming in that era. It is with those distinctions in mind that we hear about Warlord Games now shipping their Germany Strikes!: Early War in Europe book for Bolt Action.


This book gives stats for vehicles and units used in those opening years of the war when Germany was rushing all over mainland Europe, grabbing every bit of land they could via their infamous Blitzkrieg. You get the fall of Poland, the breaking/circumventing of the Maginot Line (also the name given to all the speed bumps at the front of my apartment complex. Seriously, there's 4 within the space of 10 yards), and the dramatic retreat at Dunkirk.

And, like always, if you order directly from Warlord Games, you get an exclusive, free figure. This time it's Fighting Jack Churchill (Shurshillllll!!! *bangs fist on table*), who was known for charging into combat with a bow and arrows, sword, and bagpipes... because why not?