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Ship Crew & Ship Quirk Cards Preview for Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs gives us a look at some Ship Crew & Ship Quirk cards for Levithans in this new preview article.


From the post:

Been a good while since we’ve had an update for Leviathans. Things are still moving behind the scenes. For example we’ve been making progress with smaller, less complex miniatures, which I covered in the Spring in a lengthy update. We’ve started production on the first of the Shadowrun miniatures and we’ve got prototypes for Valiant Universe miniatures (as soon as I have photos to show off, I will).

Both of these are laying the ground work for us to move back towards Leviathans (we’ve also got a great company we’re now working with on the miniatures confident they can do the CADs in our budget, and we’re now waiting on a new manufacturer to get back to us with price quotes).

In the meantime, we sold these Ship Crew & Ship Quirk cards during cons last year and I thought it would be a nice, little release to increase the fun of any holiday gaming you might be doing. Here’s two from each type of card to show the variety of enhanced gaming that can unfold with these cards.