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Shieldwolf reveals 2nd army: Talliareum Ogres

Shieldwolf Miniatures is giving us a bit more information about their upcoming Kickstarter they'll be launching early next year. They're bringing a new army to the ranks with the Talliareum Ogres.


From the announcement:

"...No one remembers how long ago these huge brutes decided to live among the Humans in the Kingdom of Talliareum. The Ogres do not go unnoticed, standing more than 8 feet tall and weighing some 400 pounds each! It comes as no surprise that they took advantage in the past of their natural strength and physical structure to beat people up, steal, abuse; there was a time they practically did as they pleased. But as the Kingdom of Talliareum slowly formed, the Ogres soon found out they couldn't deal with the better organised Humans. Highly outnumbered, they consistently got arrested, beaten, imprisoned and even executed. Some Ogres left for far away lands, but many stayed, choosing to obey the Law. Well, in a certain sense at least..."