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Shieldwolf Miniatures Relaunches Shieldmaiden Army Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been around for many years now. Many great projects have been funded. Some, it happens on their first try. But don't count out campaigns that fail to reach their goal the first time out. I remember "back in the day" that if a campaign didn't fund, some people thought, "well, that's it. It's over." Such is not the case every time! Plenty of campaigns rally, regroup, and come back stronger than ever. Such can be said about Shieldwolf Miniatures. Their original Shieldmaiden Kickstarter wasn't going quite as they had hoped, so they reconfigured and have relaunched. And they've already passed their funding goal.

The sets are rather modular, letting you make different figures with different heads and weaponry as you see fit. Also, they've got a ton of different pledge levels you can go for, depending on exactly how many figures you want and what sort of extras you'd like (including, you know, war wolves and a mastadon and such).

As I mentioned above, the campaign is already over their funding goal. This is a pretty quick Kickstarter. There's only 14 days left to get in on it.