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Shieldwolf Miniatures: Plastic Mountain Orcs Infantry Reviewed

Wargame News and Terrain posted a review of the new Plastic Mountain Orcs Infantry box from Shieldwolf Miniatures.


From the review:

Wargame News and Terrain has reviewed the new hard-plastic Mountain Orcs by Shieldwolf Miniatures which are released today! In this exclusive review in partnership with Shieldwolf Miniatures you can find detailled pictures of the sprues and the other content of the boxed set. Along with pictures of the limited edition special content delivered with the first 500 pre-orders!

You can also find four comparison pictures with plastic orcs from other manufacturers such as Games Workshop, Mantic Games, Wargames Factory and others in the review. Interested in these new plastic orcs to start or expand your savage orc army? Take a look at Wargame News and Terrain here for the exclusive review