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Sherlock Holmes RPG up on Kickstarter

Fearlight Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Baker Street, an RPG set in the world of Sherlock Holmes.
The choice to pledge to this is... elementary.
*puts on sunglasses*


From the campaign:

Sherlock Holmes is Missing and Presumed Dead!

Intrepid investigators are asked by the stoic Dr. Watson to take cases out of Baker Street in Holmes’s absence. Victorian streets, foggy nights, and crime most foul await. Will the nefarious plans of crafty villains come to fruition or can the champions of justice from Baker Street save the day?
Baker Street is a Role Playing Game in which the players attempt to solve some of the most baffling crimes in history. Featuring over 30 careers, 25 unique criminal extras, and rules for making your own nefarious villains, Baker Street features a robust investigation mechanic, easy character generation, and rules for making your own mystery.

Some of the unique features of Baker Street are The Sherlock Die, Investigation Scenes, Clue Cards, Social Status, and the Threat Meter. Additional information on several of these follow, with more detail and content to follow in updates.