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Sheet Yourself, RPG character sheet App

Sheet Yourself is a character sheet application for your smartie cell-phone telephones and little tablet computers that all the kids these days are using (and since I don't have either of those types of products, cements me clearly in the "old fogey" generation).


About the App:

As the ultimate character sheet generator that works with all role-playing games, Sheet Yourself v1.2 allows you to create and edit unlimited character sheets for easier play.

This Latest Update Includes:
* Sort and organize sheets into folders by type
* Choose from templates or create your own
* Save dozens of unique characters
* Track and record abilities, armor, weapons, magic, initiative, etc.
* Add, edit, copy, and remove sheets easily
* Hold all of your sheets and character information in one place
* Minimize the need for reference materials
* Focus on role playing and having fun

You're the Maker. Whether you're the player or the GM/DM who needs to keep track of NPCs (non-player characters), you want this great tool to create, order, and track your characters easily. Master any of the following tabletop games and more:

* All editions of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D and AD&D)
* All d20 tabletop games
* Dungeon World
* Call of Cthulu
* Magic: The Gathering
* Mordheim
* Pathfinder
* Spycraft
* Vampire
* Werewolf
* Warhammer