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She turned me into a newt!

Arcadia Quest is also showing off new stuff over on their Kickstarter page. They've got some new stretch goals posted up, some preview shots of the first expansion's minis and you can help vote on the abilities of one of the Kickstarter exclusive heroes, too.


From the update:

Adopting his namesake as a totem after a terrifying encounter in childhood being viciously bitten… err.. gummed by one, the ‘Black Newt’ is the son of a very large and wealthy Arcadian family who had the misfortune of being born last. His sisters were beautiful, his brothers were dashing, and all his elder siblings were intelligent, witty, and noble. Alas, the Black Newt had the heart of a troll. Sniping was his second nature, the cutting barb was his forte, and he even took to stealing their diaries to scrawl snarky comments in the margins. He was eventually disowned. But he had learned swordsmanship to at least a competent degree, and a Guild membership was easy enough for someone of his connections. Ironically, he welcomed the invasion as toady to Lord Fang, but was cast out when he was found scrawling derisive comments beneath graffiti the orcs would leave on each other’s’ walls.

Every Guildmaster and War Paint pledge gets the Black Newt free if we hit this stretch!