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Shatterlands Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

Stonegate Forge is looking to add to their miniatures skirmish game, Shatterlands. They originally had the game successfully funded on Kickstarter, so they're headed back again, with new minis, new terrain tiles, and more. Head on over and check it out.

From the campaign:

Shatterlands launched a year ago, and we've been blown away by the love and support our community has shown us. We are asking for your help in making the game even better, by expanding our line, and realizing the full vision we have for this game system.

The keystone of this kickstarter is a line of new miniatures to allow you to add even more variety and character to your squads. This kickstarter is different than many others in that our goal is not to turn a profit. Instead, we have chosen to reinvest all proceeds back into expanding the line, and we're willing to take that as far as you are willing to support us. $250 is roughly the cost to us for producing a new miniature, including sculpting, digital masters, and mold making. So, for every $250, up to $7000, that this kickstarter generates, we will produce a new figure.

We have decided to kick it off ourselves, by producing the first 6 sculpts before launching. Our initial funding goal covers those. Beyond the $1500 we're asking for, every dollar you give us will have a direct impact on making the line more complete.

We are also providing the resources to incorporate these new sculpts into your game of Shatterlands, including new initiative cards for numbers 1-8, so that players can increase the size of their teams on the table, and a new scenario book showcasing a number of new larger multi-player scenarios we have been play-testing with our friends at Metropolitan Wargamers in New York, and at conventions. Finally, we have added water feature terrain tiles and a rules supplement that allow you to fight encounters that incorporate creeks and woodland streams, into your next game of Shatterlands.