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Shattered Tower RPG Up On Kickstarter

Shattered Tower is a new Myth Punk RPG that's up on Kickstarter now. The system is entirely new, as is the setting. The Kickstarter campaign looks to fund the main rulebook, along with several adventure modules to get you going and adventuring right away.

From the campaign:

Welcome Fearless Adventurer,

We’re extremely proud to get in the ring with Shattered Tower, our brand new project: we’re talking about a Myth Punk RPG, straightly focused on discovery, survival and exploration.

That could sound same ole same ole, but - trust me - with this concept, this idea, this game... we wanna bring REAL ADVENTURE to the table.
Of course there is adventure in every big RPG we know, love and been playing to, but we decided to take the thrill to the next level.

HOW? well, let’s just say that, if dying while looking for artifacts can be common, here you can fall through the cold claws of death even just while taking a walk outside the city limits!

Of course, at the very same time, your characters will be fully and colorfully equipped with every item and/or ability and/or extraordinary talent necessary to survive... if only you can figure out how to do it! ; )

Shattered Tower will be a brand new rulebook containing a completely original background setting, the rules you need to go plug’n’play with our peculiar D6system, 3 Adventure modules and much more (following).

The campaign's very close to their funding goal (if not over it by the time you read this), with still 32 days left to go.