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Shattered Earth: Emergence Sci-Fi Miniatures Game On Kickstarter

Dangit! ... The world's been destroyed! Again! Who lets this keep happening? Well, I guess we better make the best of it. ... Uh... did anyone else notice that thing over there that looks like it has huge wings and its eyes are on 4' long stalks? I feel we should discuss this new occurrence and create a strategy on how to deal with it. Probably with power swords. All in favor of power swords? Great. Let's go.
Shattered Earth: Emergence is a new post-apocalyptic sci-fi skirmish game set on a future Earth ravaged by natural disasters and torn apart by the opening of an interdimensional portal. They're also up on Kickstarter looking for funding.

The game's miniatures are 32mm and made of resin. Forces will consist of around 15 models per person (depending on exactly which figures you want to take, of course). There are currently 5 announced factions: the Humanist Rebellion, the Children of the One True God, the Deathless, The Cult of the Dragon, and the United Nations of Mankind. The game uses a Dice Pool system utilizing D10s where players are looking to reach a target number for their rolls. The Alpha rules have been posted online to check out in their entirety, if you so wish.

The campaign is about 2/3 to their goal with still 24 days left to go.