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Shattered Earth, a new Minis Game Coming Soon

Seismic activity is on the rise around the US, particularly in the midwest. So, what if that wasn't so much man-made (as it seems to be, though I don't really want this to turn into a political debate), as it was the harbinger of something much worse? What if, 50 years from now, there were massive earthquakes, humongous volcano eruptions, and other horrific events that basically remade all the continents? Amid all the chaos, what if a new energy source was discovered in the form of Ether? Well, that's the story behind Shattered Earth, a new miniatures game coming from Massive Awesome.

With the cataclysm, new factions have formed. There's the United Nations of Mankind, composed of the US and Russia. They have the bigger population and generally safer cities. They look to try and remake the world as much as they can. Then there's the Cult of the Dragon. They're the more-forward-thinking group of the two, as they look to tap Ether in all its abilities... as odd as those can sometimes be. Then there's the Deathless. They're... hard to explain, but I doubt you have any on your Christmas card list.