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Shattered: Dark Steampunk RPG Up on Kickstarter

It's Never Dark Enough (or INDE to their friends) is running a Kickstarter campaign for Shattered, their new dark steampunk RPG game and setting. The world was destroyed 3000 years ago (as it tends to do), and now your characters must go and adventure in the world born anew. As for those characters, there are no classes and no restrictions. So you're free to make them as you see fit.
The campaign is set to run for the next 23 days.

From the campaign:

Feneryss, a continent once densely populated by a rich variety of plant and animal life, is now a shell of its former self, barely able to support its remaining inhabitants. Three millennia ago mankind was still in the toil of feudal societies, slavery, and brutal warlords; it was also at the dawn of great technological progress when the planet sustained a massive cataclysm known as the Reckoning.

Feneryss and its few remaining inhabitants had been forever changed. Entire continents capsized. The sun was lost, swallowed by clouds of choking ash that encircled the globe. When the sky was visible, it was a red reflection of the molten rock that had replaced its once teeming oceans.

Feneryss today has progressed by leaps and bounds since The Reckoning. Breakthroughs in agriculture, science, medicine, technology and even air travel have eased day to day life tremendously. Armies vie for power over the limited resources of the known world; institutes of higher learning and invention have been established; and the study of magic has burgeoned in this uncertain era, leading to extraordinary creations, such as the Arkanic Drive: the device that has granted humans the power of flight.

The fires of industry burn bright, agriculture has spread its roots, knowledge is being gathered and shared with remarkable speed, and as the population prospered so too did its seedy underbelly. Between heartless slavers, murderous gangs and corrupt politicians, both life and death are cheap commodities.

Touted the ‘brilliant age’ by many, Feneryss and its inhabitants are beginning a new chapter in history.