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Sharke's Rifles 3rd Edition Rules at Barking Irons

The Barking Irons website have Flintloque rules for Sharke's Rifles. From their announcement:
Heya Folks, You can now find Flintloque 3rd Edition rules for the most famous regiment of the Army of Great Britorcn, the 105th Foote, online at Barking Irons. Officially known as "The Loyal Sharpshooters" but much more commonly referred to as Sharke's Rifles. Rogue, thief, lover and soldier known to one and all, Rekhardt Sharke is a Captain in the 105th Rifles. Along with his ‘Chosen Orcs’; the huge Sergeant Harpy, the crack shot Private Hagsmun, the learned Arris, the god fearing drunk Tunge and young Purrkinz. A core unit of Flintloque since it's original release back in 1995, Sharke's Rifles have been a constant favorite over the last sixteen years. Also released today (to tie into Private Tunge's love of the bottle) are The Demon Drinke optional rules, fully updated for 3rd Edition, allowing you to bring a little temptation to your games of Flintloque. Keep The Flag Flying, Craig Andrews Editor Barking Irons