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Sharke's Eagle - Classic Flintloque Scenario Now Online

Orcs in the Webbe continues updating classic Flintloque scenarios to the latest version of the game with Sharke's Eagle.


From the announcement:

Heya Folks!

Today sees another classic scenario for Alternative Armies' black powder fantasy wargame Flintloque presented for your gaming pleasure with a few notes on running it using the current 3rd Edition of the rules.

In today's adventure, written by one of Flintloque co-creators, a newly promoted Lieutenant of the Orc Rifles, not to mention some Light Company of the 67th Mordor Foot, go after an Elven Eagle at the battle of Tel'n'Vera in this classic scenario from the Flintloque Archives: "Sharke's Eagle" by Steve Blease

Keep the Flag Flying!