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Shadowstar Corsairs board game up on Kickstarter

0-hr. heads for the stars with the launch of their Shadowstar Corsairs Kickstarter campaign. Players must secure locations both in space and on the ground of various planets in order to conquer the Shadowstar Expanse. Upgrade your ship and crew as you stretch your influence among the stars.
The campaign's going on for another 20 days.

From the campaign:

As an independent starship captain granted letters of marque by ConFederation authorities, your job is to outmaneuver or outgun rival captains to prove that you alone should rule the Shadowstar Expanse. Deploy your crew and cargo shuttles to secure strategic positions and harvest vital resources. Invest in improving your ship or hire another to help you out. Reconstruct lost technology, play politics, and fulfill whatever contracts come your way to increase your reputation. As ConFed cruisers try to protect the innocent, alien scout ships infiltrate the hinterlands of civilized space. It’s time to stake your claim!

Shadowstar Corsairs combines quick tactical engagements, both in space and on the ground, with long term planning in a game of area control, resource management, combat, and diplomacy. A variety of ships are provided to support different strategies; mix and match to fit your goals. Each can be customized and loaded with crew, cargo, and heavy ordinance. Crew can also hold resource-generating locations on the board. The resources buy ships, supplies, and cards with powerful effects. Demonstrating technical savvy and political clout through the use of these cards and contracts increases your reputation, which earns commendations and victory.