ShadowSea website launched

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 14th, 2011

AntiMatter Games have a new website for the ShadowSea fantasy rules. There is also an HTML version available.

From their announcement:

The ShadowSea website has launched, with a Flash version with animation and music and a basic HTML version for mobile users and those with slow connections. Both versions of the site are linked to the online store for purchases of books, miniatures and other items.

The website will be updated with additional areas to explore as new game supplements are finished. The next one on the docket is Descent into Stygia, where warbands can explore dark catacombs hidden below the ruined cities found in the Underlands.

  • farseer

    anyone review this game yet?

    • Zac

      IIRC it is based on Songs of Blades and Heroes.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    It’s based on SBH, but with greatly extended rules for magic and technology and a cool background. Even though there is an official line of minis, the author encourages use of your own stuff.
    The basic mechanics are from SBH, but the game adds a lot to it.

  • blackfang

    The bling:information ratio is kinda bad. There’s maybe one page worth of fluff, and basically nothing about gameplay. Nothing on the website would entice me to buy the rules. They don’t even display any of their awesome miniatures.

    Suggestion: add a rules preview, an example of play, and at least one painted mini on each faction page.

    Love the background music.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Click Store for examples of miniatures. Some more info on actual gameplay would be good, but IIRC there is more material in the works.

  • AntiMatter-Games

    Thanks for checking out the site. It’s been a tough road getting the site working with all of the animation, so there are some things that did not get enough love, like the “game” book. That will be updated soon with a more comprehensive set of pages with examples of gameplay and miniatures.