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ShadowSea Temple of the Ancients available for pre-order

AntiMatter Games are accepting pre-orders for their ShadowSea Temple of the Ancients terrain piece. Temple of the Ancients From their announcement:
The Temple of the Ancients is preparing for production casting and is planned for shipment in mid-May, produced by AntiMatter Games. The price is $179.99 USD, with shipping of $10 for the USA and $25 for international orders. Those placing pre-orders will receive a free copy of the ShadowSea rulebook and Campaign Chronicles supplement as PDF files.
In other news, some new concept art has crept out for future productions, including the cover of the "Stygian Depths" supplement for ShadowSea, which will include new rules for exploration of dark caverns and dungeons in search of powerful magical artifacts, battling snakemen, dragons and demons. The rulebook is almost finished and should be out in May. It will be available as a full-color PDF and printed. Also shown on the blog is the first concept art for the upcoming "Watery Abyss" supplement, which will have new rules for warbands to develop their own diving gear and explore sunken ruins in the lost ocean of the Underlands. Underwater battles, submersible vehicle combat and boardings, and the crushing effects of ruptured suits at depth will all be included along with new scenery, tech items and secrets of the Ancients...