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ShadowSea rulebook available at special price

ShadowSea  coverCavalcade Wargames is selling the ShadowSea rulebook at a special price with select orders. From their announcement: The ShadowSea rulebook is now available at Cavalcade Wargames. ShadowSea is a tactical miniatures game set in a lost underground realm. Powered by the Song of Blades rules by Ganesha Games, our Dragonblood line of models was created specifically for this ruleset. 106-pages and perfect bound. Published by Antimatter Games. $24.99 each or $14.99 with the purchase of $100 worth of Dragonblood Miniatures. Cavalcade Wargames produces the Dragonblood Miniatures line, specifically made for the ShadowSea game. Expect many new releases throughout 2011.