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ShadowSea New Releases & Spring Sale at AntiMatter Games

AntiMatter Games has added some new minis to their webshop for ShadowSea. These are some of the Draconid minis they had made from their Kickstarter campaign a while back. Now, if you missed out, you can get yourself some of the figs. And hey, they're having a sale, too. They've extended their spring sale to the end of May. So just use code "AMG" at checkout and get 20% off your order.

From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games has added new Draconid Legion and Dark Mariner ShadowSea miniatures to the store, and to help launch them we are extending the Spring Sale through the end of May, giving a discount of 20% off to orders when using the code “AMG” in the order page.