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ShadowSea Launch & Pledge Manager

AntiMatter Games will be sending out their ShadowSea Kickstarter stuff next month. They've also got another Pledge Manager up for those that want to get in on it.


From the post:

The ShadowSea Kickstarter has progressed well and we are in the last stages of production, gearing up for shipments in late April. We have a pledge manager system in place using a paypal PitchIn tool for those who want add any more items to their existing pledge, or for those that still want to get in on the game at the last minute. One other benefit of adding to a pledge or joining is that there are two final miniatures for the Sunless Kingdom Deluxe Starter Set that are stretch goals, the Cochi Dark-Eye and the foul Cave troll. Enos Kline is working on those right now and I hope to be able to ship them as part of the Kickstarter rewards. The big troll might be a couple of weeks later since it is going to be in resin, but it could be shipped separately.

The previous PitchIn was right after the kickstarter last year but was run before we had most the of the sculpts ready to show. Now we actually have almost everything done, so hopefully people will see the quality of the minis and maybe some new folks will want to join in. If we cannot fund the last two Sunless Kingdom minis they will go into the next Kickstarter scheduled for early summer. That one is meant to focus on the Draconid Legion and Order of Yosoth, as well as other troops for each force, and hopefully the Stygian Snakemen and their allies. The Sunless Kingdom is so close to being done though, it seems to be a good time to try and finish the last two minis up and get that starter out the door.