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ShadowSea Campaign Chronicles released

ShadowSea Campaign ChroniclesAntiMatter Games have released the ShadowSea Campaign Chronicles supplement. From their announcement: The ShadowSea Campaign Chronicles book has been released and is available as a PDF download. The Campaign Chronicles are a compilation of the expedition logs of Pilny the Aged, complete with maps for the different battle scenarios, tips on how to run the battles and victory conditions. The PDF book is 34 pages in full color, with new artwork throughout, and priced at only $4.99 USD. Some of the features include. 1. Full Campaign of 9 complete battle scenarios, written in story form, with maps and victory conditions. 2. Diverse Environments where warbands battle through fungal forests, stinking marshlands, ruined cities and lost underwater citadels. Warbands can gain experience and power as they fight through each scenario. 3. Lavishly illustrated in color, with full front and back cover art for those that want to print the book. Artwork includes painted miniatures produced by Cavalcade Wargames under their Dragonblood line. 4. Open Design that is meant for use with ShadowSea but can be also be used for any miniatures game or RPG.