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Shadows of Esteren has last week on Kickstarter

Shadows of Esteren is up to their last week on Kickstarter. They've already beat their goal 11 times over. How much higher can they make it? Hopefully a lot.

From them to you:

The Kickstarter Campaign for Shadows of Esteren is now reaching its last days. Thanks to the amazing support of more than 400 Backers, we have been able to add many bonuses and options to this campaign.

For this last week, we have introduced the last Stretch Goals: sets of full-color 4-section Character Sheets, as well as the distribution of a new book on PDF format, the translation of which is currently getting done by the team. Also, you can discover the new pledge “Hilderin Knight” with a hardback game leader screen and the original soundtrack for Esteren. All the the rewards will be delivered next month.