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Shadows of Esteren: Dearg Campaign Up On Kickstarter

As an occasional GM, I can certainly appreciate pre-made adventures for games. You don't always have time to fully realize a deep narrative with twists, turns, and plenty for everyone, then add on encounters, treasure, come up with NPCs and everything else that goes into such things. Well, for Shadows of Esteren players, quite a big module is coming via Kickstarter. It's Dearg.

Actually, this Kickstarter is just for the first volume. This adventure is so massive (500 pages) that putting it all in one place would be rather daunting. So, for now, you can get the first half. Though if you're sure you'll want the other half, you can pledge in this campaign for the other bit (which will have its own Kickstarter next summer). Of course, they don't want to give away too much of what's inside. Otherwise, how would you be able to surprise your players?

The first campaign is going on now. They're closing in on 6x funded with still 17 days to go.