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Shadowrun Online Kickstarter Update #5

Shadowrun Online keeps rowing the boat over on Kickstarter. Their campaign has made it 1/3 of the way there with 18 days to go. With that, they've posted an update on the progress.

From the update:

The last 3 days have been great and very busy for our campaign! Ever since we’ve announced the new Campaign model hundreds of emails, private messages and comments came in, and the number of backers took a big leap forward (over 200 backers per day!!!). So after 9 days we have 2100 backers and a third of our goal! *WHOOHOO!!* So a sincere and humble THANK YOU for helping our project move forward even more!

Press coverage

In the last couple of days we also got a lot of great coverage in various magazines, blogs and tweets! Even Felicia Day tweeted yesterday about supporting Shadowrun Online, and Wired’s Geek Dad repeated their recommendation and added that they’re looking at backing the project themselves! Also Forbes had an article on our project! That’s exactly the exposure we need to achieve our final goal. If you also happen to know somebody in the media, at a magazine, or a Twitter celeb, suggest writing about the project to them!

More miniatures for you!

While we are doing well so far, we need to keep up the pace! And that’s why we want to give out rewards for every day we achieve to do that. So here’s the deal: For EVERY day we manage to get more than 200 backers and more than $15,000USD (according to - and our own tracking), EVERY backer who has pledged $75 or more at the end of that day will receive an ADDITIONAL RANDOM SRO COLLECTIBLE TABLETOP MINIATURE! And yes, that’s also for you – digital- only tier backers! So every article, every friend referred, every flyer posted or shared will not only help us, but also help you get a sweet mini!
Other ways to support Shadowrun Online’s Kickstarter!

As mentioned before, we're moving along nicely so far, but we still need your help! Please give us a hand sharing the love for Shadowrun Online!