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Shadowrun Online gives us a look at preliminary gameplay

Shadowrun Online keeps chugging along with their Kickstarter campaign. They've now got a couple videos up talking about the project. I figured the one you'd like to see more would be a view of the gameplay. Here it is:

From the campaign:

After the big announcement about the new campaign model we want to show you some video footage from our early prototype (the one the screenshots were taken from) and explain more about the game modes, story structure and legwork. Here it is:

Although there's a lot of interesting information in the update video, we know you can't wait to see the footage, so we've created a separate video with that section:

We'd love if you could share the videos everywhere you can. They're both available under the creative commons license. You can of course also do video remixes, and if some stand out, we'll be in touch for a special THANK YOU!

In our next update we'll focus on the micro gameplay, and how we translate the SR4 rules into the online game. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more!