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Shades of Vengeance Running Era: Silence Kickstarter Campaign

The time has come for your hero to learn their true name. But to do so, they must overcome the challenges that the Oracle has set in front of them. They will be astrally-whisked away to the Isle of Silence where they, along with the other heroes, must succeed a gauntlet of tasks, each one unlocking new abilities. But there's something interesting about the Isle of Silence. It's called that because all verbal forms of communication are magically suppressed. So your heroes must find alternative ways of communicating with one-another if they are going to succeed. That's the story behind Era: Silence, a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter.

Era: Silence is an RPG with a twist. That one being that your characters can't talk to one-another while out on their adventures. As such, you will have to be creative with how you communicate with one-another. And, being a high-fantasy world, there's no cellphones to just text each-other. While getting prepped for a task might not be so bad. Drawing lines in the dirt or somesuch, but when you get into the heat of battle, that's where you'll really have to figure out a way to effectively communicate.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with still 33 days left on the clock.