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Shades of Vengeance Releases The Outland Chronicles Patch 1.02

Everyone loves to see their favorite games supported by the companies that make them. Well, if you're a fan of The Outland Chronicles, you should also be fans of how Shades of Vengeance has their new "patch" available. It's free to download and includes extra rules and updates for your game.

From the release:

THE OUTLAND CHRONICLES PATCH 1.02 is now available for FREE on Wargame Vault.

Expanding the OUTLANDS core ruleset. The 2nd regular update includes:-

To Scare Children:- Rumours of an unstoppable gunslinger circulate around Hope Springs.

New Abilities:- More tools and skills to make your Spice Hunters even more badass.

Introduction to Hiring Special Characters:- The general rules for 'Guns For Hire' special characters that YOU can recruit into your OUTLANDS game.

High Plains Preacher:- The Preacher is a special character who has his own skillset and abilities.

Repent To The Lord Or To The Bullet:- This is what happens when the Preacher comes knocking. Short story.

New Rules:- Underground and Commitment.