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Shades of Vengeance Posts Encounters on the Edge of Space #1

Patreon is a crowdfunding campaign a lot of you still maybe haven't tried. If you're interested in it, and what it can do for a game, check out the one being run by Shades of Vengeance. They've recently posted up their Encounters on the Edge of Space #1. It is the first in what will be a regular series of bestiary entries they will make so that GMs can add these creatures to their games.

From the announcement:

On our Patreon, we are now releasing monthly "Encounters on the Edge of Space". You can get the first entry, "The Memory", now, for free!

These Encounters are a short "bestiary entry", designed to be setting-neutral and rules-neutral, so they can be used in Sci-Fi games of all sorts!

Inspired by the bestiary entries you see for D&D and other fantasy games, Matthew Knighton (who is a PhD in microbiology!) and I decided to fix that with the Encounters on the Edge of Space series. The aim is to bring you a monthly encounter for free for the next few years!

We hope you'll consider supporting our Patreon as well, which also provides 2 gameplay sessions per month for just $5.

In short, we're proud to say that we'll be releasing monthly creatures for you to enjoy in any Sci-Fi game you like! We're glad to be helping people add variety to their Sci-Fi tabletops and hope you'll join us in our quest!