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Shades Of Chaos Games Releases Outlands 2nd Edition

Games occasionally need a bit of tweaking. Try as the developers might, something might not work as intended, or things might just feel stale, or they come up with new ideas for better mechanics that don't work within the current rules. As such, they revise things and we get a new edition. That's what we've got here with Outlands from Shades of Chaos. The space sci-fi spaghetti western-style game has a new edition you can pick up now.

From the announcement:

Shades Of Chaos Games are proud to announce the release of OUTLANDS 2nd Edition. Often described as a mash-up of Borderlands and Firefly, this Sci-Fi Spaghetti Western allows the players to create 5 man Spice Hunter teams using any 28-32mm miniatures.
Using the revolutionary R.I.S.E Game System both players are engaged in the ACTION as it happens. The unrestricited rule system allows YOU to 'Level Up' your characters, whilst training new and exciting skills. You can make your characters the way YOU want.
Not forgetting the revolutionary weapon 'Infusion', no two games are the same. Ideally suited for campaign play between a group of friends, the rules allow for one off stand alone games.

All you need to play OUTLANDS is the rules, 5 miniatures per player, a tape measure and a handful of 6 sided dice.

The 114 page OUTLANDS rulebook (PDF or Printed) includes:-
A complete and comprehensive rule system explaining every aspect of OUTLANDS 2nd Edition.
50 Abilities and Special Skills.
40+ Items Of Equipment.
The 'Infusion' weapon modification system so that no two weapons are the same.
Complete rules for creating a 'Spice Hunter' warband.

Shades Of Chaos Games also regularly expand the OUTLANDS experience with FREE missions, content and backstories.

Now is the ideal time to take you 1st steps in the OUTLANDS.