Sgt Major Miniatures under new management

Sgt Major Miniatures has a new owner.

From their announcement:

As of 10 may, Sgt Major Miniatures, manufacturer of 20mm WWII miniatures, has been bought out by Southern Maryland Press, Publisher of WWII skirmish rules Soldat II, and various scenario books.

I would like to thank Bill for working hard to make the transition seamless, and to offer me the chance to get into this side of the hobby at full speed. I have my 2 million dollars, so I figure it is only a matter of a year or two before I have my first 1 million dollar company!

A few announcements about figure availability:

RLBPS will no longer be carrying Sgt Major Miniatures for normal sales, but the good news is that he will be selling painted figures from the collection for those interested in a quick entry into the periods we cover. Also, because Bob was the main retailer of our figures at East Coast Conventions in the US, Sgt Major Miniatures will be attending shows to cover our customers’ needs. Look for us at our inaugural show, Historicon 2010 in Valley Forge PA, July 8-11.

I have no pictures to share at this time, but we should have several new releases in about 3 week’s time, possibly sooner. This release will include USC7, a 10 figure pack of US winter troops, GRC6, a 5 figure pack of German winter troops, and PIN1, a 5 figure pack of Pin-Up Gals.

If you are in the UK, please order through our partner at Elhiem Figures, in Australia from BattleScape Military Books and Miniatures, or in the US from Michigan Toy Soldier Company, or Minuteman Toy Soldiers.