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Sgt Major Miniatures buys 15mm Feudal Castings Line from QRF Miniatures

Sgt Major Miniatures will now be making the 15mm Feudal Castings line, themselves, having acquired it from QRF Miniatures.

From the announcement:

Sgt Major Miniatures would like to announce the purchase of what used to be the 15mm Feudal Castings line, most recently manufactured by QRF in the UK. All of these lines will be brought back into production, including the ACW and Samurai lines, which QRF was not producing as they already had similar lines before buying these. Both of these lines need to have moulds made, so their release will be sometime in the future, hopefully before FALL-IN! this November.

The first few lines are now cast up, and in the online store. They are as follows:

15mm Kushites:
KS1 Spearmen 4.25
KS2 Archers 4.25
KS3 Swodsmen and Axemen 4.25

15mm Axumites/Ethiopians:
AX1 Spearmen 4.25
AX2 Archers 4.25
AX3 Macemen 4.25
AX4 Swordsmen 4.25
AX5 Cavalry 4.25
AX6 Cavalry Command 4.25

15mm Vikings:
VI1 Axemen 4.25
VI2 Spearmen 4.25
VI3 Archers 4.25
VI4 Berserkers 4.25
VI5 Command 4.25
VI6 Warriors 4.25
VI7 Cassualties 4.25
VI8 Wheeled Battering Ram 5.25

15mm War of the Roses:
WOR1 Bow Standing, Livery Jacket 4.25
WOR2 Bow Firing, Livery Jacket 4.25
WOR3 Pikemen 4.25
WOR4 Bow Firing, Assorted Clothing/Armour 4.25
WOR5 Bill Standing, Assorted Clothing/Armour 4.25
WOR6 Bow Standing, Assorted Clothing/Armour 4.25
WOR7 Coustilliers/Coureurs 4.25
WOR8 Bill Advancing, Assorted Clothing/Armour 4.25
WOR9 Dismounted Knights 4.25
WOR10 Mounted Knights, Metal Barded Horses 4.25
WOR10a Mounted Knights, Un-Barded Horses 4.25
WOR11 Mounted Crossbowmen 4.25
WOR12 Artillery Crew 4.25
WOR13 Handgunners 4.25
WOR14 Crossbowmen 4.25
WOR15 Stakes x8 4.25
WOR16 Pavises x8 4.25
WRG1 Bombard x2 4.25
WRG2 Organ Gun x2 4.25

I have these now listed under the name of Bloody Day Miniatures. I have also re-named the Molon Labe line to the same. Too many people complained about the name, not being able to pronounce it, remember it, or knowing what it meant. It was just a bad choice. Bloody Day is a multi-period set of rules that we have been working on, and running at shows, for the last few years. I figured it would be best to tie the miniatures into the rules line for future marketing purposes.