Sgt Major Miniatures buy Vendel Miniatures

Sgt Major Miniatures have finalized their purchase of Vendel Miniatures.

From their announcement:

I am pleased to announce that effectively immediately; Sgt Major Miniatures of the U.S. has purchased Vendel Miniatures of the UK.

SGMM has a descent amount of Vendel Historicals in stock; and will be getting more soon. We have also purchased the Vendel Fantasy line, which is not in stock at all yet, but will hopefully be fully supplied prior to Historicon.

We may experience some stock issues over the summer, as it will take time for Vendel to collect the molds from their caster, inventory them, send them to the States, where I need to sort them, and forward them on to my caster. In addition, several of the molds have seen better days, so my caster will be making many new production molds here in the U.S., all of which will lead to delays in getting 100% stocked on my end. Still, I have purchased all of Vendel’s remaining stock, and hopefully that will be enough to see most orders through for the foreseeable future. I just want to fully disclose the situation so that prospective customers know what to expect.

I will have everything possible with me at Historicon in July, and can accept pre-orders for pick-up at the show of any of our products, including Vendel, Mutineer, and SGMM lines.

If there are any stockists in the UK wishing to distribute Vendel’s lines of figures there, I would love to talk to you, for now, I will simply be shipping direct to the U.K.

I hope that this announcement alleviates the concerns that many had on my last news posting about carrying Vendel figures, and that we can all move on and get back to our hobby of playing with toy soldiers, I know that I am anxious to leave it all behind me.