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Sgt Major Miniatures announce January 2011 releases

Sgt Major Miniatures have posted details of their January 2011 miniature releases. The Spanish Inquisition From their announcement:
Sgt Major Miniatures is pleased to announce its new January 2011 product releases. This is a large list of items, I probably should have milked it for several news stories, but I hate being spammed, so figured you might as well, therefore, here it all is at one go. Now available at are the following:

Sgt Major Miniatures line of 20mm WWII and Modern wargaming figures

  • USA1 Half Squad 1 $5.99
  • USA2 Half Squad 2 $5.99
Get Some Miniatures line of Science Fiction and Pulp miniatures
  • PULP 17 Four Orthodox wit Guns $10.00
  • PULP 18 Four Catholics with Guns 1 $10.00
  • PULP 19 Four Catholics with Guns 2 $10.00
  • PULP 20 The Spanish Inquisition (3) $7.50
  • SCI-FI 35 Four Robed Aliens 1 $10.00
  • SCI-FI 36 Four Robed Aliens 2 $10.00
  • SCI-FI 37 Four Robed Aliens 3 $10.00
  • SCI-FI 40 Yeti with Marauder Rider $10.00
  • SCI-FI 41 Two Orangutans with Guns $7.50
  • SCI-FI 42 Four Retro Sci-Fi Troopers $10.00
We also have a selection of brand new miniatures from Mutineer Miniatures out of Scotland:
  • EIC12 Sikh Infantry Command $9.00
  • EIC13 Sikh Infantry $8.50
  • EIC13A Sikh Infantry 2 $8.50
  • EIC14 Naval Brigade Infantry $8.50
  • ART04 Royal Artillery Crew $9.00
  • ART05 18/24lb Gun $9.00
  • ART06 Towed Elephant Carriage $27.00
  • ART07 8" Siege Mortar $7.50
  • ART12 9lb Gun $9.00
  • ART13 Naval Artillery Crew $9.00
  • CAV01 Standing Horses $7.50
  • CAV02 Moving Horses $7.50
  • CAV03 Bengal Light Cavalry $5.25
  • CAV04 Bengal Light Cavalry Command $5.50
  • CAV05 Sikh Cavalry $5.25
  • CAV06 Sikh Cavalry Command $5.50
We also have a few new releases from the Plastic Soldier Company line since our last news announcement:
  • PLAST2 57 hard plastic 28mm miniatures depicting WWII Russian infantry in summer uniform $30.00
  • PLAST3 130 hard plastic 15mm miniatures depicting WWII Russian infantry in summer uniform $30.00
  • PLAST4 57 hard plastic 20mm miniatures depicting WWII Late War Germans 1944-1945 $16.00
We have also received an initial shipment of Studio Miniatures zombie figures, with the rest of the zombie sets to follow on soon.
  • Mob1 Zombie Mob 1 $30.00
  • Mob2 Zombie Mob 2 $30.00
  • Mob3 Zombie Mob 3 $30.00
  • Mob4 Zombie Mob 4 $30.00
  • Mob6 Zombie Mob 6 $30.00
We have also added the full line of Vallejo Model Colors, discounted from the MSRP 2.99 to 2.75 per bottle. I have also been feverishly working on trying to get the web site updated with photographs. There is still work to be done, but I have gotten pictures up for about 50 products that previously had no photos. I hope to be completely caught up with such chores by the end of February. As always, orders can be placed on our website using our shopping cart, or you can e-mail at, or call the number on our home page, or stop by to see us at one of the following 6 shows in 2011: Williamsburg Muster Williamsburg VA February 4-6 Cold Wars Lancaster PA March 11-13 Huzzah Portland Maine May 13-15 The Weekend Lancaster PA June 24-26 Historicon King of Prussia PA July 7-10 FALL-IN! Lancaster PA October 28-30 Also note that we manufacture the Molon Labe 28mm Ancients and Renaissance lines, Get Some! 28mm Sci-Fi and Pulp, and Sgt Major Miniatures 20mm Modern and WWII. We are also the North American distributor for Mutineer Miniatures and the Plastic Soldier Company. All five of these lines are available for distribution to stores, just get in touch at for further details. Thanks Andy