SGMM release new 20mm WWII figures for Historicon

Sgt Major Miniatures will have new 20mm WWII figures available at Historicon.

Pin-Up Gals

From their announcement:

Sgt Major Miniatures is pleased to announce several new releases in their 20mm line of WWII miniatures. The following products are in stock and ready to ship. For those of you in the UK, these figures have left today for Elhiem’s shop, so you should be able to get them through him later this week.

  • PIN1 Pin-Up Gals $6.99US
  • USC7 At Ease $11.99US
  • GRC6 After the Battle $5.99US

There are also 6 “new” releases for packs of Australians that will work for North Africa, Italy, Greece, Crete, and Sicily. These figures were previously sold by Battlescape Miniatures out of Australia, but SGMM has purchased the rights, and is now manufacturing them in the US.

  • AUS1 Australian Infantry $5.99US
  • AUS2 Australian Infantry 2 $5.99US
  • AUS3 Australian Mortars $11.99US
  • AUS4 Australian Command $5.99US
  • AUS5 Australian MG Teams $5.99US
  • AU6 Australian Back Packs x20 $3.99

I will apologize in advance for the lousy pictures, you wouldn’t believe it to look at them, but it took hours to get to them to the point they are at now, you should have seen the first ones.

Everything will be available for first hand viewing at Historicon in a week, and I can take advance orders for pick-up at the show.