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Seventh Crown RPG up on Kickstarter

Seventh Crown is a new fantasy RPG setting for the new D&D 5th edition. They're up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love.


From the campaign:

Welcome to Seventh Crown

Based initially within the heavily populated continent of Kanis, Seventh Crown is a setting that places the players in the middle of an epic time of change in a world controlled by a select few. What was once a powerful dwarven empire now stands as broken racial kingdoms not defined by borders or territories, but by the ironclad magical control bestowed upon them by the crowns upon their brow.

In Seventh Crown, six golden artifacts of unfathomable power – the Crowns of Leadership – give almost ultimate and untested influence over those of the same race. While wearing the Crown, they cannot help but be king or queen of their people. This has led to a world of kingdoms that are not defined on maps or in war rooms, but instead by the blood that runs in a people’s veins. Authority enforced by magic across countless miles creates alliances, enemies and conflicts unlike those found anywhere else. When the reason for going to war is as simple as the will of who wears the Crown and the battlefield could be as complex as anywhere its people tread, life is a complex thing.

These six Crowns are the most powerful and important pieces of antiquity found anywhere in this world, and are watched and sought after by most of the people in Kanis. The dealings of the Crowns and the choices made by those who wear them are the talk of every town and city, and entire lifetimes have been spent trying to place a Crown on someone’s head – or remove the head currently wearing one. Territorial governments, the constabulary, organized crime and other local powerhouses rule their corners of civilization for the most part, but everyone feels the pull of the Crown bearers’ schemes and machinations.

It is the rumored existence of a seventh Crown of Leadership, the namesake of the game setting itself, which drives some people to scour the world for the mythic artifact. There have been six ruling forces on Kanis for thousands of years, many of which changing hands (heads?) over and over again, but the fact that there have always been six has been a constant for as long as the Crowns have existed. The discovery and donning of a seventh Crown of Leadership would change the world in an instant… or the discovery that it has already been found, and by what.

The continent of Kanis is large and varied in respect to the peoples that inhabit it, the history they have survived, and all of the interactions in between. Depending on the where someone is from, which King or Queen they serve willingly or otherwise, and how they plan to fill their purses or bellies day to day – that is where adventure will spring from in Seventh Crown.