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Seven Ally Packs and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault Are Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games gives you more minis to play with for Imperial Assault with the release of their new Hero and Villain packs. Most of these replace game pieces that were simply tokens in the box game with an actual miniature. But it's more than just token-replacement, as each one comes with a unique scenario for the game as well.

From the release:
Your Imperial Assault missions bring you directly into the Star Wars™ universe. Whether you struggle to uncover a dastardly plot to destroy the Rebellion, or battle head-to-head against a single opponent, you can expand both your campaigns and your skirmishes with seven new Ally Packs and Villain Packs!

Iconic heroes and villains stride into your missions with these Ally Packs and Villain Packs. If you fight for the forces of the Rebel Alliance, you may harness the cunning wiles of Han Solo or the massive strength and loyalty of Chewbacca. Alternatively, you can hold a strong position with the Rebel Troopers or destroy your opponent’s defenses with the Rebel Saboteurs. The dark side gains equally powerful new figures from these figure packs. General Weiss and the Royal Guard Champion pledge their destructive power to the Empire, while the infamous bounty hunter IG-88 can help you overthrow the tyranny of the biologicals.

Each Ally Pack and Villain Pack includes detailed plastic figures as well as new Deployment, Reward, Agenda, and Command cards for your games of Imperial Assault. What’s more, each figure pack contains a new side mission that can be included in any campaign, and two new skirmish missions that use the same map, expanding your options for Star Wars adventure.

Read below to learn more about the destructive power of the Rebel Saboteurs, and pick up your Imperial Assault Ally Packs and Villain Packs today at your local retailer!