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Serene Fist Ninja vs. Samurai 2 now available

Ninja vs. Samurai 2Okumarts have released the Ninja vs. Samurai 2 set of paper miniatures which is part of their Serene Fist range of figures. From their announcement:
The third set in the popular cardstock miniature line Serene Fist has just been released for print and play gaming. Serene Fist Set Three: Ninja vs Samurai 2 gives you twelve original 30mm Classic Martial Arts themed miniature figures perfect for roleplaying games or wargames. All files are 300dpi and include front and back views. This is a layered PDF giving you four options of colours. There are 48 possible miniatures in this set! Cardstock Miniatures are an affordable and attractive alternative to metal or plastic miniatures. Print as many as you like as often as you like. You will need a colour printer, cutting tools, glue, foamcore and time. Assembly instructions are included. Don't forget to check out the bonus layer included in this set...