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September's BaneBeast releases previewed by BaneLegions

Maelstrom Games posted some previews of their upcoming BaneBeasts over on their BaneLegions page. Here's what they've got coming out next month.

From the preview:

Thanks to staff members going on holiday (amazing! we actually get time off), the latest two additions to the BaneBeasts range have had to wait until today to be unveiled. Still, better late than never…

It’s been a little while since we last saw a miniature sculpted by the awesomely talented Stéphane NGuyen van Gioi, but Mazikílías – an enormous basilisk with which to batter your enemies into submission – has certainly been worth the wait! Sat upon a huge rock and looking for all the world like he could turn you to stone right there, the credit for that must go to the sublime talents of Stefan Kopinski; but Stéphane, of course, is the one that’s translated it into miniature form. Huzzah!
We tasked Benoît Cosse to produce the boar underneath Chaagmuth the Jaw-Taker sans Chaagmuth: and he has produced it, oh yes! Báintaac is the first of our Toracx, savage boar-like creatures unleashed upon the enemies of the Gabrax. Rejoice, fellow man-beast fans!