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September Releases Available From Happy Games Factory

Resistance is futile!
Well, the Resistance faction in Eden might disagree with you there. And they're being featured in this month's releases from Happy Games Factory. They are getting a new starter set. There's also new figures for the Khan Clan and ISC. But don't worry, just because they get fewer figures certainly doesn't mean they're lesser releases. And to make your figures look good, there's some new paint sets, too.

From the announcement:

Resistance Starter Box V2
Bruce is a strong leader trapping his robots. Abby is a skilled pilot who can use any robot to his full potential, like Equity, a mechanical gorilla punching all unfortunates who had the courage to approach him. Chelsea will charge directly on the melee, protected with her shield before and pushing back her opponents with a powerful overload.
Finally, Llyod is a furtive assassin who can get out of the fight after a precise and violent strike.

Khojen is a colossus mounted on a 50mm base. He will add a touch of brute strength to your Khan Clan.
His huge spiked clud will terrorize his opponents as much as his dusturbing iron mask!

Grey Daimyo (résine)
This huge Drone is the strategic key of any ISC warband...But he can also use his tons of steel to crush your foes