September releases at Elhiem Figures

Elhiem Figures have added several new 1:72nd scale figures to their online store. From their announcement:
Quite a few new releases, most are no surprise, one or two may be news to a few of you though :
  • MEG3 - 5 Middle East figures in Kevlar helmets and Berets
  • SAD1 - 2 Fedayeen Saddam with their unique helmet based on a sci fi favourite.
  • OIF06  US Army Javelin team firing
  • DDR01 - 02 East German NVA for your Cold War needs.
  • GUN16 Soviet Mortar, GUN17 Vickers MMG, GUN18 US 3" ATG
No photos on the site yet, they are in progress and will be posted up as soon as I have some. I do have a preview shot of the DDR NVA.